The Khadi Story

The Khadi Natural cosmetics Story: Why we do what we do

At Khadi, we combine modern natural cosmetics with Ayurvedic natural healing. Where the Khadi idea comes from, we reveal you in the Khadi story.

The Khadi Natural Cosmetics Story: How It Begins 

More than ten years ago one of the two founders of Khadi natural cosmetics travels to India for the first time. He gets to know the fascinating country and its people. And he meets a charming, native woman whom he falls in love with. But one thing overshadows his adventure: dry, burning, scaly scalp. But then he makes a discovery that heals him - and changes his life.

The idea for Khadi natural cosmetics 

When his scalp problems cannot be resolved, his beloved one provides him with an Indian hair oil and a shampoo with Neem - according to traditional Ayurvedic recipes. He is open for this experiment and, actually within a matter of a few days, dandruff, itching and tensions disappear. Freed and enthusiastic about how effective the natural Indian plants are, he develops a plan: He wants to make this highly effective natural cosmetics accessible to people in his home country. Together with his friend, he sets up a project. In Cooperation with Ayurvedic physicians, they are developing formulas for natural cosmetics that are more natural, effective and more tolerable than conventional products in Europe. After a few months he travels back to Germany. In his baggage: completely different beauty care, contacts to producers of Indian Ayurvedic natural products - and his great love, whom he marries.

Khadi natural cosmetics - natural efficacy that inspires

In 2007 he and his former class mate found the Khadi online shop in Germany. Together they distribute, the developed hair care products, such as Indian hair oils and shampoos. Their motto: humane, ecological and effective. Modern cosmetics, which works with the power of nature in combination with Ayurvedic natural healing. Soon they distribute herbal hair colours as well. Khadi also manufactures these in India according to specific own recipes. Since the beginning, customers have been enthusiastic about our Khadi natural cosmetics - and their numbers are increasing. The product range has grown as well: In addition, we distribute Ayurvedic body care products from the Khadi body oils to the facial mask. With every new cosmetic product and every new experience, we grow - and remain faithful to our principles: Khadi stands for ayurvedic, controlled natural cosmetics according to modern quality standards for your natural beauty care – back then as well as today.