Body cleansing with khadi - inspiration for body, mind and senses

For us at khadi, cleaning your hands, face, and body is more than just a daily necessity. The flowing water, the stimulating fragrance, and the concentrated power of Indian herbs give you a feeling of rich, deep care - and make your individual aura shine. Our pure and vegan shower gels and soaps are manufactured after millennia-old recipes and are free of synthetic sulfates, dyes, fragrances and preservatives. For our shower gels, the contained medicinal plants are boiled in an elaborate process over an open fire until a highly effective essence is created, which we harmonize perfectly for different skin types with high-quality, natural oils. All khadi Shanti soaps are gently produced by cold saponification. Small deviations in shape and color prove that every khadi Shanti Soap was lovingly handcrafted and cut.

  • Vegan
  • BDIH Kontrollierte Naturkosmetik
  • 100% Natural
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khadi Shanti Soap Bergamot Sage BERGAMOT SAGE Shanti Soap
Natural soap for body, mind and soul with the fruity-sunny scent of bergamot & sage
8.90€ *
Content 100 Gramm (89.00€ * / 1 kg)
khadi Shanti Soap Green Tea GREEN TEA Shanti Soap
Natural soap for body, mind and soul with the invigorating power of green tea
8.90€ *
Content 100 Gramm (89.00€ * / 1 kg)
khadi Shanti Soap Himalaya Crystal HIMALAYA CRYSTAL Shanti Soap
Natural Soap for body, mind and soul with the mild power of Himalayan Crystal Salts
8.90€ *
Content 100 Gramm (89.00€ * / 1 kg)
khadi Shanti Soap Lavender Neroli LAVENDER NEROLI Shanti Soap
Natural soap for body, mind and soul with the fresh, sweet scent of lavender and neroli
8.90€ *
Content 100 Gramm (89.00€ * / 1 kg)

Balance for body, mind and soul: With khadi natural cosmetics you cleanse your body naturally. Our products, such as the khadi soaps, shower and bath gels, are made of effective, herbal ingredients that nourish and keep your skin healthy. They are based on ayurvedic medicine and sound dermatological findings.

khadi natural cosmetics stands for natural body cleansing. It cleanses your skin mildly and is particularly well tolerated. A basic pH of 5.5 supports the lipid coat of your skin, because it keeps the acid film in balance. Unlike traditional cleaning products, khadi shower and bath gels retain this natural barrier. They are free of sulfates, which cause a lot of foam and dissolve fat - this can dry out your skin. khadi products cleanse your skin with mild washing substances from nature. They have a moisturizing effect and ensure that the moisture is retained - for daily care and healthy, supple skin.

Handpicked herbs and essential oils give a fine foam and exude a pleasant scent. Increase your well-being with your own personal aromatherapy - whether in the shower or in the bathtub. Depending on the mood, you will find the right khadi natural product: orange oil is known for its cheery effects, neroli has a balancing effect and grapefruit is supposed to give you new strength. So you cleanse your body and your aura.

The ingredients for our products are obtained using traditional Ayurvedic methods lasting several days. We process them very gently, so that the valuable active ingredients from the plants are preserved. khadi natural cosmetics such as soaps, shower and bath gels comply with German and European cosmetics guidelines.

We source the plants from India and process them directly on site to preserve the active ingredients. We pay attention to sustainability and fairness. All ingredients are natural and come from organic farming or wild collection. In order for us to be able to guarantee this, the independent German Federation of Industrial and Trading Companies (BDIH) carries out regular inspections - also on site. The khadi body cleansing products bear the seal "certified natural cosmetics". Natural body cleansing of the highest quality for you.