khadi Minis - perfect as a gift, for testing and for traveling.

Discover natural mini-size hair care: perfect for traveling, as a gift or for trying out. All khadi shampoos cleanse and care intensively with valuable Ayurvedic herbs according to Indian tradition. They are produced in a complex traditional manufacturing process and are suitable for all hair types. Our khadi hair oils nourish your hair intensively with herbs, stimulate hair growth and give healthy shine.

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Find your perfect hair care with khadi mini sizes.

You want to try a new khadi shampoo or hair oil, but do not know which one? Or you have long used a certain shampoo or hair oil and would like to test the other kinds? Then the small khadi mini sizes are ideal for you. They allow you to try something new without buying a large bottle. Expand your khadi range with the test sizes and find your ideal hair care.

khadi shampoo & hair oil: a harmonic combination.

khadi shampoo and hair oil deeply cleanses and cares for your hair with valuable, active ingredients and essential oils. Neem, coconut, orange, shikakai, aloe vera, reetha, amla, hibiscus and more - our active ingredients strengthen your hair from the root to the tips and give it a silky-shimmering shine and wonderful volume.

The natural shampoos harmonize your scalp, regulate sebum production and relieve dandruff and irritation. All khadi shampoos are 100% natural, vegan and certified - of course, without chemical additives and synthetic ingredients such as silicone and paraffins.

khadi hair oils are produced according to traditional recipes using elaborate Ayurvedic methods. Effective medicinal herbs such as Amla, Bhringaraj, Brahmi, Neem, Tulsi, Bala are processed into highly effective hair oils. Ayurvedic hair oil has been used as natural hair care in india for centuries. In Ayurvedic teaching, oil helps against premature graying, scalp problems and hair loss. They stimulate hair growth and give healthy, powerful hair.

Learn more about our ayurvedic ingredients in the khadi Lexicon of Active Ingredients.