Prepare your hair softly and gently for khadi Natural Hair Color. Before you dye your hair with Natural Hair Color by khadi, you should cleanse it and remove styling residues from your hair. Synthetic plasticizers and film formers can weigh your hair down and stick to the outer structure. This may prevent the plant-based khadi Natural Hair Color from coating your hair. For the best preparation we offer natural products that cleanse your hair thoroughly. All our products are produced according to the traditional Indian healing method Ayurveda, taking into account the quality standards for controlled natural cosmetics – for a natural glossy color result with khadi Natural Hair Color.

  • Vegan
  • BDIH Kontrollierte Naturkosmetik
  • 100% Natural
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Detox Hair Mask DETOX HAIR MASK Hair Mask
Thorough deep cleansing and color pre-treatment for every hair  
9.65€ *
Content 150 grams (6.43€ * / 100 grams)
khadi Pure Reetha Powder REETHA Hair Wash Powder
Softly foaming deep cleanser for hair and skin
7.70€ *
Content 150 grams (5.13€ * / 100 grams)
khadi Pure Shikakai Powder SHIKAKAI Hair Wash Powder
Gentle cleansing and gentle strengthening for irritated scalp
7.70€ *
Content 150 grams (5.13€ * / 100 grams)